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The Importance of Google Analytics.

Throughout the ages people have been making all sorts of efforts to tap into the right customer base to sell their products or services by spending the least on promoting themselves, presenting themselves to the right customers at the right time or even just trying to figure out their USP.

This has been an extremely tedious process considering primitive methods and trying various combinations to get the right formula for maximizing their sales. Google analytics provides data and insights into the three most important questions.

Google Analytics

Who is your customer?

Details such as age, gender, the device used to access your website, interests, etc. are all readily available on your analytics dashboard.

What are your customers looking for?

The keywords used by a customer to reach your website, the different pages a customer interacts with and for how long etc.

Where are your customers coming from?

Traffic sources such as organic search traffic, social media, traffic from various ads, redirects from other websites etc all show up individually.


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